Meditation Experiences

In the real world there are no problems

I firmly believed always that all my problems are exceptionally unique and that the solutions to them do not exist in the world. I thought I was special in the wrong way. Everybody else’s problems seemed inferior to mine.


With this meditation method I was able to systematically reflect the bubble of problems that I was living in and eventually get rid of that bubble completely. I snapped back into the real world for the first time in my life.


In the real world there are no problems. Only true life remains with true happiness not bound by condition. There is nothing to avoid. Anything and everything can be faced with energy and passion. Physical health too is elevated to an unbelievable extent.


I am truly grateful and happy that the place of absolute truth and eternal peace found me before I died and disappeared. The only thing anyone should ever do in order to achieve anything in life resides at Colombo Meditation. It’s time we all made great use of it.

Kavinath Hewagamage / Colombo, Sri lanka
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The world is completely transformed


The world is completely transformed. Everything around me is beyond beautiful.

It’s like I’m living in a whole new world and everyday is an exciting adventure.

I can go on and on about how amazing it meditation has made me, but let me begin with my meditation story.


I was living the life of a victim, blaming conditions, circumstances and people around me. I never for a moment was able to see that everything is just my delusional mind. At a point of desperation, I met Colombo Meditation.


The helper at the meditation center told me that the most important thing for a human is to live, and theres no meaning or purpose in life if I don’t find god and heaven within. But I still just wanted to live a free and happy life and I had no idea what the end of the meditation meant.


The meditation truly changed my perspective, and the more I meditated, the more liberating and lighter I felt inside. It slowly started getting clearer and it really made sense why I had no choice but to find god and heaven within.


It turned out that all I’ve been seeking throughout my life was right here. “Living in heaven” is way more than having all I’ve ever wanted. I would not exchange it for being a queen in a castle with a daily life of rigid luxury.


I really feel so grateful to everyone who helped me throughout, most importantly, to the teachers who made this method of transforming human lives! This in deed is a senstation around the world. I feel like I’ve encountered a miracle.


I have become confident, strong, healthier, brighter and happier. I truly have found God and Heaven within. I can’t wait to share this method with as many people as possible so that everyone can actually live a life with purpose- A life of Truth.

Nuvira De Silva / Colombo, Sri lanka
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The questions I’ve had are finally been answered

At the time period I came to the method, I was in a “ok”place. Though I have had questions about life, after few decades of searching and not finding I have resolved to be fine with it.
The surprise and amazement I felt upon hearing the first session was immeasurable.
It itself answered some questions I’ve had. I felt I should definitely try it.

As the time passed I realized how lost I actually was and how blessed I am to find this method.
It has been a life changing experience in ways I never expected.
As promised by the method, when one diligently discard myself, true enlightenment comes within, with it came all the answers I’ve ever had of my life and more benefits than I could ever imagine.
For first time in my life there was a deep unwavering peace within me, because the questions I’ve had are finally been answered.
The helpers itself were very supportive, never judgmental and full of true love, a testimonial to the acceptance only universe mind can have.

Slowly I begin to heal, my migraines disappeared, the deep loneliness I’ve felt all my life disappeared.
As my strong frameworks disappeared, my selfishness reduced and I could accept others more and more, as much as was discarded.

Looking back at my life, before this meditation it was like reading theories but not having practical experience. I thought I knew something, but how foolish I was.
This method is the only thing I cannot not do, there’s nothing in the world which has value like this, nothing bigger.
I will definitely go until the end.

Chamila Ranchigoda / Colombo, Sri lanka
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I’ve become very tolerant, forgiving and loving.

I got to know this method through a friend of my daughter.

At first I was not very keen to join as I was not in a very good health condition but her persuasion made me come to see how it was. And then of course, no one could stop me.

It became a part of my life.


Now I have been following this method for 14 months, and the benefits I’ve gained are immense.

My whole life has changed. I’ve become very tolerant, forgiving and loving. It has made my day to day life easier. Relationships are much better.

Now that I have achieved human completion, my goal has been fulfilled.


After a chest operation

I was having a continuous pain for the last 6 years.

And I have never flown out of the country for the last 6 years.

But when I was to join the final stage called complete session I was fully ready to go.

And since I met the great teacher, I realized that my pain wasn’t there anymore.

And I couldn’t believe it.

I was so… happy. For me 2 days I was there, I was able to go through the education without any pain or feeling tired.


This method is short & easy comparatively and I recommend it to anybody who is seeking the Truth , true Universe, Heaven within.

Manoja Weerasinghe / Colombo, Sri lanka
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The Search:

My path on the search for truth was long. Because, at the start I was not sure what I’m really in search of. Earlier, it was mainly for stress reduction, emotional balance, anger control etc. I tried several meditation and mind control methods, some of which was helpful in a few aspects. But I still felt the inner void conveying me that I haven’t found what I was really seeking.


The Find:

When I came across Colombo Meditation and started following their methods and doing meditation my inner self was completely satisfied that I’m home and is on the right path, which, for me, seemed to be an express way to the Truth.


What I Gained and Achieved:

I have been doing this meditation for almost 3 years now and recently had the privilege of achieving Human Completion through the words of the Great Master. For the past 3 years my life has seen a tremendous change on a positive side and is still gaining more. To simply say that I have gained a lot would be a gross understatement. Actually, this Meditation method has given me the TRUE BIRTH and the TRUE LIFE. Also, it has given me the unmatchable Trust, Confidence and Hope on the one and only Truth, the Universe.


My Gratitude:

I feel extremely grateful to the Great Masters for their simple yet most powerful method and our helpers who have taken care of us individually, and delivered the method in a most effective way for us to gain this great wisdom.

Ramalingam Vijith / Colombo, Sri lanka
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Peace, Beauty, Love, Joy

Lost, dazed and confused was what i felt as I encountered this meditation. Having traveled a long long road seeking for that something.

I came here feeling exasperated, sad and believing that this is my life and i have to live with such burden and pain. Worries about family, children, money, future… my list was endless, and i thought  that I had no other option.

Until my final destination was Colombo Meditation.


Words simply cannot describe

This peace

This beauty

This love

This joy

and this infinite sense of energy that I experienced.

The greatest realization that I could never have imagined possible, ever!


Reaching the end of this meditation, Is profound and strong, it propelled me to the Truth. I am ever so grateful to the universe to have received this.  All humans should !

Geetha Mageswaran / Colombo, Sri lanka
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I look forward for each new day with its truth

It was just under 2 months since I was introduced to this meditation.

Back then I had life ups & downs just like anyone else. But the sad thing about me was that I took life too seriously & worrying was part of my daily schedule. I didn’t have the vigor to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Every day was just another day.

But now I look back in life & see the truth in every episode of my life. I’m very energetic now & look forward for each new day with its truth.
If anyone out there needs to truly experience the truth in life your most welcome to join us at the Colombo Meditation Center
Drop in one day & guaranteed you will go home smiling 🙂

Charles De Silva / Colombo, Sri lanka
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Totally filled up, totally content.


Chasing, searching, struggling, pushing, making, breaking, finally found it’s mark.

Total emptiness filled with consciousness, the deep profound understanding that nothing satisfies you until you take a sip of the fountain of the Truth, the elixir that quenches all types of thirst & hunger.

Totally filled up,  totally content. The mind then habitually scans the horizon looking for something to “worry about” for something to “search for” then the universe rises like a full moon laughing banishing the darkness of ignorance & silencing the mind…

Kulzum Miskin / Colombo, Sri lanka
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This meditation method is the greatest treasure I found.


This meditation was very helpful for me with my studies and all the other things. It helped me with seeing the false mind as we all get to know what the real Truth is. The meditation keeps helping me with disappearing all thoughts.

Due to a lot of pictures in their minds, most people are having stress, anger and burdens. They have so many things in their minds. The meditation helps to throw away those minds and it helps to relieve stress.

I am very grateful to the method and the teachers as they found this method. I wish we gather more people to the human completion method so that all people know the True world by throwing the false mind away.

This meditation method is the greatest treasure I found.

Rhia Wijenanda / 11 Years old

Rhia Wijenanda / Colombo, Sri lanka
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